For me, the art I create comes from two types of emotions, negative and positive.

There are moments in life when a lot of darkness gathers inside. A situation in your life, which you can or cannot control, hurts you, it squeezes you with vital energy and which most often will bring you to the desire to change either your situation or your attitude towards certain situations, people, etc. An intolerable situation changes you, patience reaches its limit, you start looking for information, you start to enlighten yourself and grow spiritually.

The art that I create through negative emotions, accumulated over time, have come out, come to the surface through the desire to release emotions on canvas, through art. Usually in situations of anger, body pain activation, emotional charge I unload either through graphics with gel pen, or through abstract paintings, in oil and acrylic.

The bright part, becomes active, when I am inspired by nature, by peace along the walks, and the awareness of the present moment. This category includes works with resin and natural elements.


When you create art, when are you driven by positive or negative emotions?

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