The postcards are in black and white and are printed on thick cardstock. Size: 104 x 157 mm (4.09 x 6.18 inches). *Hurry up, there are 11 postcards in stock!


Postcards featuring original illustration created by me (www.alabotnarescu.art). Beautiful graphic, created with gel pen, suitable for every occasion.
I’m fascinated by the underwater world, both by known creatures and by those that are still being discovered. It’s a field that hasn’t been fully explored, which evokes a lot of curiosity in me.

“Bring the Tranquility of the Sea into Your Space” – this postcard is perfect for nature lovers, water enthusiasts, those interested in protecting the environment, etc. Its graphic inspires calmness and invites viewers to immerse themselves in the details of the drawing, as if diving into the ocean and exploring its depths.
*There are posters available (A3, A4 sizes); for these, you need to contact me.

You can buy the original work – https://www.alabotnaresc.art/shop


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