The idea of ​​the artwork is - 'In Motion', everything moves in a circle, there is nothing eternal and all living things go to earth. In the spring of this year, I had taken a fox skull from the forest, which I had found since autumn and I did not decide to take it home. For a regional exhibition, which was in May 2023, we had to make a thematic work with the title 'In motion', then my idea was ripe and I decided to take that skull home. I made a composition from the earth, artificial earthworms and the found fox skull, with the idea that everything is in motion, every being dies and the earth takes what belongs to it. I felt somehow guilty, as if I took something from nature, I took something that didn't belong to me, but I told myself that the idea was worth it, I thought that people seeing my work, would become more aware of their everyday life .

  • Year: ......... 2023
  • Materials: ......... earth, resin, skull, snail shell
  • Size: ......... 40x40x8,8 cm

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